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ADD Tyres is one of the largest service centres in and around Pickering and Allerston. We have been offering quality service to numerous car owners of these areas for many years now.

Our garage has a host of quality after-market products for vehicles of all sorts. We also provide first-class servicing to keep your car in its best possible condition. Due to our ample experience gathered over the years of being in the automotive industry, we only offer the best products services to our customers.

Before looking at the types of services that we offer, let’s check out our range of tyres Allerston-

Tyres we offer:

We stock some of the best tyres currently available in the market. You will find a host of tyres at our garage, from off-terrain to performance to 4X4, we have it all. We also keep a variety of seasonal tyres to cope with the changing weather and climatic conditions.

These tyres at our workshop are from various reputable brands. Each brand is unique, and so are their tyres. Hence, we keep all these different tyre brands so that our consumers don’t fall short of options. We can set you up with a new set of Continental, Nexen, Blacklion and Dunlop tyres among others.

Services we offer:

At ADD Tyres, we believe in delivering superior quality service at reasonable prices. Our customers can choose from a range of service packages that we have. We offer primary interim services to complete repair and replacement.

Our service packages are comprehensive and cover almost everything in a car. From clutch and brake repairs to exhaust checks and servicing of the A/C, we do it all.

We give extra importance on keeping the car in top condition because of the MOT test. Your vehicle might fail its MOT Allerston and deemed not roadworthy if it is not in perfect condition. Since we are also a reliable MOT test centre, we take extra care in ensuring that your vehicle stays complaint at all times. 

This is why we look at various aspects of a car while doing its servicing. MOT in Allerston checks not only the state of the tyres but also the overall condition of the vehicle, from its engine to its carbon emissions. If it fails in even one parameter, you risk failing the entire test.

Who do we benefit?

Our customers mostly hail from Allerston and neighbouring areas. Those who want a first-class service at affordable prices come to us. We always ensure that we give our utter best in whatever we do.

Visit our garage any time you want a new set of tyres in Allerston or a professional service. Taking an appointment beforehand will save you the trouble of waiting in line.