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Amotherby is one of those smaller parishes in North Yorkshire with a lot of new cars running around. Most of these are performance vehicles like SUVs. However, what many people in and around places like Amotherby, Malton, and Kirby Misperton miss is a variety of tyres from which to choose from.

It is where our facility at Pickering comes in. We are ADD Tyres, one of the most widely-established facilities in the UK. We have the broadest range of tyre brands from which you can choose. We offer the following types of tyres Amotherby.

  • High-performance
  • Winter
  • Summer
  • All-season
  • Run-flat

Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, Nexen and Blacklion are tyre companies whose models we store. Our proud boast is that we can offer the best models at the lowest prices.

Many people also come back to us for our MOT Amotherby. An MOT is mandatory when you are driving on the roads of the UK. In case you are driving a car that has not passed the MOT, you will be fined, and your car may even be impounded.

Our services

However, an MOT in Amotherby is a reason why people keep coming back to us time after time. An MOT is not done correctly by many registered car garages in the country. Many advertise it, but few deliver on it. However, ADD Tyres provides MOT services at the most reasonable rates.

We also provide complicated services like ECU remapping, valve replacements, clutch repairs (most of which involve substitutions since clutches are not repairable), wheel alignment and balancing, general car repairs and chassis fixes, besides fleet servicing and AC repairs.

A common malfunction in cars is a faulty air conditioning. Either the coolant leaks or the ducts are covered with dirt and grime, or the entire AC mechanism is dysfunctional. Our technicians can help you identify the problematic areas and which way these issues can be dealt with.

Where we stand out

Two areas where ADD Tyres stands out are our convenient delivery mechanism and higher returns on investment or ROI. Remember that we provide the best possible packages at dirt-cheap prices. We also have winter and summer packages which will ensure that you have a properly functioning vehicle every season, year after year.

Our service personnel also add that extra zing to your car whenever you bring it to us. All these are possible because we have a trained team of experts who can work on any aspect of your vehicle.

It does not matter whether you own a Mercedes or a Vauxhall. Drive into our facility and drive out with a better vehicle, albeit the same one, perhaps with a new set of tyres in Amotherby. Just remember that you can book an appointment with us over the phone or even online. Skip the queue and see the difference.