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ADD Tyres has changed the car service landscape in the Pickering area, and that includes for the residents of Brawby as well. This otherwise quiet civil parish had one glaring problem. They did not have proper access to quality spares and services for their cars.

That’s all in the past though. With ADD Tyres now open for business in Pickering, the residents of Brawby have access to the best quality spare tyres and other car services just minutes away.

ADD Tyre’s collection of spares

Speaking of tyres, we have one of the largest selections of EU labelled tyres at our workshop. They fall into three broad categories:

Summer tyres: Ideal for temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius, summer tyres are often considered standard tyres Brawby owing to their popularity. In general, these tyres have shallow grooves and a sturdy build to tackle the challenges of summer.

Winter tyres: Since the temperature in Brawby ranges between -7 and 7 degrees Celsius during November to April, winter tyres in Brawby are necessary. These tyres have a softer build and deeper grooves allowing for more traction on snowy or wet roads.

All-season tyres: The jack of all trades, all-season tyres can move freely between summer and winter modes as the situation demands. They can pass summery or wintry and even sultry conditions with flying colours.

ADD Tyres has many tyres in all 3 segments from some of the biggest names in tyre manufacturing. These include:

  • Dunlop
  • Pirelli
  • Nexen
  • Continental
  • Blacklion

More services we offer

Apart from our evident expertise in tyres, our other area of specialisation is MOT service. We are an authorised centre for performing MOT in Brawby and the other regions close to Pickering. The MOT is a complex test that requires adequate tools along with experienced technicians. ADD Tyres has both.

The advantage that we provide over other MOT centres in this region is that we are an integrated car service station. It essentially means that even if some fault is identified in your vehicle during its MOT in Brawby, we can fix it right away and make your vehicle roadworthy in no time.

The services that we provide are no less exhaustive than our collection of tyres. We do repair and replacement of various components of a car including its engine, clutch, brake, suspension, air conditioning among others. We also do ECU remapping and engine diagnostics with precision.

What brings our customers back time and again is the breadth of our service and the affordability that we offer. Visit us today. Schedule an appointment before your visit for quicker assistance.