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Car Repair

Wonder why your car is consuming more fuel than it should even after you went for a scheduled maintenance appointment last month? Is it the improper wheel alignment which is straining your engines or the faulty exhaust system which is underperforming?

Typically, cars need a periodic maintenance check-up every 6000 miles. Continuous driving on town roads causes excessive wear and tear thanks to the extreme weather conditions. Plus UK government has introduced stringent rules which every car owner should abide by.

Fitting illegal aftermarket parts for your vehicle not only void your car insurance and nullify government rules, but also lessen your car performance. Improper wheel alignment, for example, can exert excessive resistance to your wheels. Your vehicle not only runs the chance of losing focus but also risk lives on board.

Are you looking for the best car repair garage in Pickering?

Statistics reveal that 70% of all road accidents happen with poorly maintained vehicles. Owners often consider postponing their maintenance dates owing to their inability to choose the best maintenance garage. Also, the pricing adhering to undertaking complete car maintenance stops many from availing a proper service.

However, now that we are here, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Welcome to ADD Tyres and Exhausts where experts have partnered with reputed automakers to offer you quintessential car maintenance needs.

Some common issues that require immediate attention:

Is your car really road-trip ready? If this is your first vehicle, you may not be fully aware of oil changes or leakages from your exhaust systems. Stranded with a dead battery in the middle of the motorway? Is your car vibrating exceedingly even after a proper wheel alignment? All these incidents are signs that you should come to ADD Tyres and Exhausts for the best car repair in Pickering. Let’s discuss some of the more common problems that bother almost every UK car owner.

  • Engine issues: Engine problems may cause unnecessary noises particularly during engine starts. Our customers often complain of excessive vibrations in steering wheels. Loosened gas caps, excessive heating in carburettors may also call for engine diagnostics.
  • ECU malfunction: Car computers monitor and adjust engine and fuel feed systems on the go to give you the best performance. Plus it also observes transmission shifting algorithms that help improve emission control, detects mileage, etc. Problems in the ECU can cause performance malfunction especially through inadequate monitoring or illegitimate values. Only a reputable car service garage in Pickering, like ADD Tyres and Exhausts, should be allowed to diagnose the ECU as it needs certified technicians to handle such a critical component.
  • Brake pad problems: Squealing brakes or a sudden rise in braking distances is a sign of brake pad issues. With time and constant friction, brake pads tend to decrease their effect your braking rotors and drums. Do you hear a continuous clinging metal noise when you apply brakes? Excessive friction between grooves and cracks may initiate such malfunctions. In the long run, it lessens your fuel efficiency.
  • Off-road vehicle maintenance: Unlike regular vehicles, off-road vehicles are characterised by larger tyres, larger engine capacities and stronger suspensions. Problems in suspension, hydraulics and drivetrain may seriously effect off-roading performance.
  • Mileage maintenance: Rapidly diminishing mileage is a significant issue for all car owners in Pickering. Usually, manufacturers recommend mileage check-up of your vehicle for every 30,000 miles. Typical problems which reduce your vehicle's mileage are:

- Issues in oils and filters.

- Problems with tyre rotation, pressure adjustments.

- Issues with tyres, gears, clutch plates, braking pads, etc.

  • Issues in HVAC: Leading car service garages in Pickering like ADD Tyres and Exhausts recommend getting rid of moisture and humidity from your vehicle interiors to avoid a malfunctioning HVAC system. Excessive humidity helps form moulds and fungi that contaminate your car’s AC system leading to a foul smell. Overlooking this issue might worsen the case, and they refuse to function at all.

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Stop worrying about mileage or performance issues! Make way for a smoother ride with an exclusive ADD Tyres and Exhausts repair service. Just bring your vehicle to our showroom and get an amazing driving experience next time you take out your car.