Clutch Replacement

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Clutch Replacement

Probably the only component that you use as much as the brakes of your car is the clutch. This excessive use, while driving in cities like Pickering, results in early wearing out of the parts. Also, research shows that most car owners misuse the clutch, accelerating the wearing.

To make sure you do not drive around with a faulty clutch, we, ADD Tyres and Exhausts, have brought our clutch replacement garage to Pickering.

Clutch helps you change gears. It disengages the powertrain from driveshaft; after you release the clutch, it re-engages and lets the drivetrain spin at the correct speed.  In town traffic, we do not engage the clutch properly, grinding the gears against each other. The grinding increases wear, resulting in a need to go for a clutch replacement in Pickering.

To keep your vehicle in good shape and its running costs low, we, ADD Tyres and Exhausts, have brought our top-rated service to your neighbourhood. When you visit our clutch replacement garage Pickering, you will be attended by a team of expert mechanics ready to take care of your vehicle.

However, as a car owner, you must be able to diagnose whether your car’s clutch is malfunctioning or not.

Identifying a faulty clutch

A worn out clutch will give some clear-cut indications.

  • Problems while shifting gears – A faulty clutch will be evident when you are shifting gears. The clutch pedal will need to be pressed hard to disengage, and it might refuse to do so altogether at times. This condition is known as a ‘slipping clutch’ caused by the excessive wear of the part that lifts the gears from the driveshaft.
  • Slow acceleration – With a faulty clutch, your car’s performance will take a severe hit. Your car will simply refuse to pick up speed. No matter how hard your rev the engine, its power and torque won't climb to the top.
  • Noise – If you notice grinding noises whenever you shift gears, you might want to bring your car to our clutch replacement garage in Pickering. It is a sign that your car’s worn out gears are finding it difficult to engage the correct gear. Just visit ADD Tyres and Exhausts for a clutch replacement in Pickering, and we will make sure that all the faulty components are replaced.

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Manufacturers make all these parts from the best materials available. However, daily commuting, especially in cities, decreases their life significantly.

To make sure you and your loved ones stay safe during your commute, visit our clutch replacement garage in Pickering to make your car ready for the British streets. Book your appointment today, call us, or check our contact us page for more information.