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One of the advantages of living in Cropton is its proximity to Pickering. The inhabitants of this tranquil civil parish can enjoy the serenity of a village while availing the conveniences of a town without much hassle. One such amenity is the availability of a dependable car service provider in us, at ADD Tyres.

The reason we say that is many of our patrons who hail from Cropton have faced difficulties in the past in finding a place from where they could buy their choice of tyres or have their car serviced adequately. With our garage now just a few miles away, they can get the best brands of tyres Cropton and the best quality of car service under one roof.

Tyre collection at our workshop

Let’s discuss a little more about tyres before we delve into the details of the services that we provide. An average car owner replaces his or her car tyres every 3 to 5 years under normal circumstances. In case of severe damage or puncture, the replacement takes place as and when they happen. Now, buying a set of new tyres requires careful consideration. If they are not in tune with your requirements, you risk having an uncomfortable time driving.

Our experts at ADD tyres will be there with you every step of the way while you choose the perfect set of tyres in Cropton. You are spoilt for choice. Firstly, you’ll have to decide whether you want a set of seasonal tyres or performance tyres. After you have decided that, you can choose one from Nexen, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop or the various other brands that adorn our shelves.

MOT and other services

A perfect set of tyres is paramount if you are to pass your MOT Cropton. Among other things, the MOT checks the condition and tread depth of tyres.

The good thing is that since you can take your annual MOT in Cropton right at our facility, we can monitor their health and repair or replace them before the test.

If you are facing other problems with your car that may potentially compromise on your car’s MOT passing ability, we have experienced technicians who can fix that too. From exhausts to suspension, and brakes to body-work, we cater to all parts of the car; you don’t need to hop from one garage to another.

So, bring your car over to ADD Tyres whenever something seems amiss with it. Whether its repairs or replacements, let us take care of the issue while you continue to enjoy the convenience that a car brings with itself.

 Hoping to see you soon at our workshop!