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Modern vehicles house an electronic component, typically a single chip microprocessor, known as ECU (Engine Control Unit) which controls the working of an engine.

Engines of newly purchased cars are usually de-tuned to default values by the manufacturers. Before tuning the engine to an optimised value, the ECU must consider numerous factors such as weather condition, driving laws, fuel quality and a few more. The ECU can then be adequately remapped at the local garage modifying the default values set on its software. If you feel that your vehicle is running slow or not performing to its potential, you must opt to get its ECU Remapped. This remapping will help you unlock your vehicle's potential.

You can tune your vehicle as per your preference. You can tune it to gain maximum performance or fuel performance.

How ECU Remapping works

The primary aim of remapping is to optimise the overall performance of the car. To remap your vehicle, we shall plug the tuned software to its serial/ OBD port. This tuned software then overrides the default or current engine map to a new map that optimises the vehicle performance. The process of flashing has gradually been upgraded and modified with time and research. You can opt for a direct ECU flash or Chip tuning (updating the software on the EPROM). However, at ADD Tyres, we recommend opting for Direct ECU remapping.

Benefits of ECU Remapping

You will notice the following benefits immediately after performing ECU remapping on your vehicle:

  • Significant improvement in engine response to throttle
  • Improved rev range
  • Increased engine power delivery and torque
  • Improvement in mileage
  • Increase Turbo boost
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved ignition timing
  • Greater valve control
  • Can adjust the air and fuel mixture ratio

ECU Remapping at ADD Tyres

Get your vehicle's performance up without spending big bucks on replacement or addition of new components through ECU Remapping at ADD Tyres.

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