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The best way of getting to the root of any trouble is performing a thorough diagnostics. Say you notice a warning light on your dashboard; it means that your car’s ECU has picked up an error code from a malfunctioning component and is trying to warn you about it. You should immediately get your car diagnosed by our certified and experienced technicians at ADD Tyres and Exhausts. A diagnostic test is also useful if you notice your car isn’t performing as it should.

Always get your car checked on time

Essentially, car diagnostic tests are meant to find out any underlying issue for a car problem. Sometimes, even the smallest of issues can cost you a lot of money in the long run. That is why periodically performing a diagnostic test is always a better option. A diagnostic cost at ADD Tyres and Exhausts is nothing compared to the potential expense of future repairs or replacement. Ignoring such an issue can result in major damage to your car. Better avoid an expensive repair bill and get your car checked as soon as the warning lights show up.

How does our diagnostic check work?

There are sensors throughout your vehicle that report to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) on a regular basis. In case of any problem, a fault code is logged into your car’s ECU memory.

Our technicians use the necessary equipment to read the fault code and find the source of the problem. If the problem is under the hood, they will perform required engine diagnostics in Pickering. Upon finding the source of an error, they will let you know the best possible way to get rid of it.

Professional diagnostic service

From performing complicated engine diagnostics to the simple reset of a malfunctioning service light, our technicians can handle it all. Modern cars can generate numerous fault codes (even false ones). To identify the root of the problem accurately, the correct diagnostic equipment is required, and we, ADD Tyres and Exhausts, use the latest equipment to diagnose your car. So call us today to book your appointment.