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Fleet vehicles are crucial to businesses. It is imperative that they remain in excellent health to keep the business running smoothly. You have to ensure that these vehicles are well-maintained and subjected to regular servicing of most excellent standards to safeguard them against unexpected breakdowns.

Fleet servicing in Pickering

The fleet servicing we provide, at ADD Tyres garage in Pickering, will allow you to focus purely on running your business, rather than worrying about the health of your vehicles. It is our responsibility to make sure that your cars stay healthy and active, keeping the business rolling and vehicle-maintenance budget in check.

We are located at Thornton Road Industrial Estate, close to local businesses, allowing us to serve them with ease.

You can avail a large range of fleet servicing offerings at our workshop. These offerings include MOT, repairs, annual servicing, customised servicing packages, and mid-contract inspections of your cars and commercial vehicles.

ADD Tyres Garage

Our garage is equipped with ultra-modern equipment, used by expertly-trained mechanics who ensure that your commercial vehicle receives the most excellent services and repairs. If any components are found defective when we are working on your car, you will be notified about the faulty part. In such as case, you may replace the defective component with a new OEM part from our stock.

We deliver our services at an excellent turn-around time. Our fleet experts shall talk to you and plan the servicing schedule that is in line with the workforce schedule, and make sure that your business does not suffer when your vehicles are at our garage.

Unbeatable Pricing

Regular servicing of a large number of vehicles can be an expensive affair.  Keeping that in mind, we offer numerous fleet-servicing packages at costs customised to meet your budget. We also provide exclusive discounts to our customers on MOT and OEM components.

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For queries, enquiries or quotation, call us on 01751473708 or drop us an email on office@addtyresandexhausts.co.uk. You can even drop us a message via the online enquiry form present on the Contact Us page.