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The number of cars on the streets of the UK is ever on the rise. The official number as of 2018 is 37 million and counting. That’s a humongous number considering the size of the adult British population which hovers around the 53 million mark.

Maintaining such a massive fleet of cars requires an equally vast armada of technicians. Unfortunately, Britain falls well short in that aspect. The number of reliable garages is few and far in between. It was the same at Kirkbymoorside; that’s until ADD Tyres came to the scene.

ADD Tyres is the largest vendor of tyres in Pickering and its nearby areas like Kirkbymoorside. Our range of tyres includes everything from summer to winter and all-season tyres. We also stock a wide range of performance and 4x4 tyres in Kirkbymoorside.

In short, we are well-equipped to handle all your requirements relating to tyres. Whatever you drive, be it a sedan or an SUV or a hatchback, there’s a spare tyre for you at our workshop.

If the brand value is what attracts you, you’re in the right place again. All our tyres Kirkbymoorside are from well-recognised brands that have been in the market for decades, if not centuries. These include tyres from Nexen, Dunlop, Continental and Pirelli.

However, it’s not always tyres that bring the car owner to our workshop. Many of them are looking for specific services such as an MOT. This annual test looms on the collective heads of car owners all around the UK. Finding a trustworthy garage to conduct this test is almost as difficult as passing the test itself. Or at least it was until we started providing this service.

That’s right. ADD Tyres is now authorised to conduct your car’s MOT in Kirkbymoorside and issue the relevant certificates as per DVSA guidelines. So, if your vehicle is over three years old and you are looking for a place that would do its MOT without pinching your pocket, we are at your service.

What makes us uniquely suited to conduct this test is the fact that we are a complete car service garage. So, if we find a major or dangerous fault with your car after its MOT Kirkbymoorside, we will repair it on the spot.

Whatever the component might be - engine, clutch, AC, wheels, brakes or any other part- we do all types of repair and replacement. The speed of our service is dwarfed only by their affordability.

So, whenever you look at your car and think that it needs something, anything at all, come to our facility. Our technicians are considered the best in business, and they are eager to serve you to their best.