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The problem that most residents of the quaint parish town of Malton face is a lack of professional car servicing and repairing centres. Besides, not too many service garages retail proper tyre brands.

Enter ADD Tyres. We are one of the UK’s leading car equipment retailers and service providers. ADD Tyres has a facility not too far away from Malton; at Pickering. We are properly placed at a junction of major highways from where we can reach out to any car owner who wishes to buy new products or wants the car to be serviced.

Our products

Around North Yorkshire, we are pretty well-known for our tyre models. We have a great deal of variety, including the best summer, winter, all-weather, and run-flat tyres from the likes of:

  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Dunlop
  • Nexen

Nexen is probably one of those brands that have come to the UK a tad late. However, they already have made an enormous impact as far as tyres Malton are concerned. Nexen is known for its high-performance models, items that sell very well in Malton and the neighbouring towns and villages.

Our service personnel also face queries at times about the necessity of different tyres at different times of the year. It does get chilly during the winters. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go for winter tyres invariably. You can choose all-season tyres too. Again, people who do not know that all-weather or all-season tyres can help in such low temperatures will benefit from us. We provide quality products and great advice, both on tyres and other general queries such as the best practices to follow to ensure a successful MOT Malton.

Our workshop is also a pursuer of quality when it comes to servicing sessions, something that few local service providers do. At ADD Tyres, we believe that each such session should be better than the previous one. Given that our customers expect more from us at all times, it is evident that we deliver on our promises.  

Services we provide

Our service manual includes the entire gamut. We inspect every part of the car before a servicing session starts. Some parts are not repairable. The clutch and a car’s braking system have elements which need replacements, not repairs.

We have all the best OEM parts which will help you overcome any issues with these parts. Other services we excel at include MOT at Malton, wheel alignment and balancing ops when required, AC servicing, and general car maintenance services.

We also carry out oil changes, chassis repairs, ECU remapping and suspension repairs. ADD Tyres offers the best deals and value-for-money services which make us the go-to service station in this area. Now you will also get the latest models of tyres at Malton from us at all times of the year as well.

Book an appointment with us and witness the wonders we can do.