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A company becomes a brand when their products transcend the test of time and popularity. At ADD Tyres, we house some of the biggest ‘brands’ that the tyre industry currently has:

Nexen: This South Korean manufacturer has been in the market for over half a century and made a name for themselves in the performance tyre category. Their designs and innovations have been continually revolutionising the industry, and that shows in the number of awards they have won in the past decade alone.

Pirelli: You may know them from the shirt of Italian football giants, Inter Milan, but Pirelli’s achievements over the past one century and two score years have been equally impressive, if not more. Today, Pirelli is the 5th largest producer of car tyres in the world.

Continental: Germany is well-known for its cars. Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and a host of other car brands trace their origin back to this country. Continental shares the same lineage. That should be enough for you to evaluate the quality of their tyres. The fact that they are considered one of the ‘Big Four’ of the tyre industry attests to that fact.

Dunlop: Founded by the legendary John Dunlop (the inventor of the first commercially viable pneumatic tyres), this company has been at the forefront of the tyre industry all throughout its history.

These are, by no means, the only brands that we store at our workshop. We have a plethora of other brands of tyres Newbridge.

Our services

The other aspect of our garage is the service that we provide. Cars, because of the nature of their operation, are prone to breakdowns. It may not always be something severe. Often, valve damage or a minor dent on your car tyres in Newbridge can bring your car to its knees.

The point is that cars require regular maintenance and service if they are to perform to their fullest and remain roadworthy for its MOT Newbridge. That’s where ADD Tyres adds value. You may not realise this, but a well-maintained car saves you money in the long run, improvement in fuel-efficiency being a case in point. So, bring your vehicle to our workshop for regular service and maintenance.

If any component of your car breaks down still, as they invariably will even with the best maintenance, we do repairs and replacements as well. AC, brakes, suspension, wheels, engine- whichever part starts malfunctioning, we can fix it without fail.

The sceptics and daredevils who think that a few broken or damaged parts don’t amount to anything significant should remember that their vehicles cannot pass the MOT in Newbridge without all the components functioning according to the required standard.  It brings us to the next aspect of our service- MOT tests. We conduct these tests according to the guidelines set by the DVSA and issue the corresponding certificates. We perform pre and post MOT services as well.