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Most car owners from Scampston have faced difficulties in finding a trustworthy garage to buy tyres from or get their car serviced adequately. We, at ADD Tyres, have opened up our new facility right around the corner. We offer some of the best tyres Scampston and quality vehicle service.

Collection of tyres at our garage:

Before getting to know more of our services, let’s discuss our selection of tyres in Scampston. In general, a vehicle owner tends to change their tyres after 3 to 5 years under normal circumstances. The tyres wear out due to regular use and their tread depth depletes with time. When that falls below 3mm, you should consider going for a new set.

Now, while buying a new pair of tyres, a lot of thought needs to go in. After all, you are going to use those tyres for the next few years. Making sure that they are in sync with your requirements is paramount. To help you with that, we have in-house experts who will assist you in finding the tyres Scampston that best suit your car.

At our workshop, you can buy from a wide range of performance tyres, seasonal tyres, and 4X4 tyres. Well-known brands such as Continental, Dunlop, and Pirelli tyres in Scampston find a space on our shelves. So, no matter what, you will find tyres that you are looking for here.

Services that we provide:

Apart from providing our customers with an assortment of tyres, we also take care of all their car servicing needs. As a car owner, you must be familiar with the amount of care and maintenance that a car requires, not to talk about repairs and replacements. Many of you might be tempted to avoid them; remember this- your car needs to clear its MOT Scampston, and the only way to do that is by ensuring that all parts of your car work flawlessly.

Speaking of MOT, we conduct those tests as well. In fact, we are considered the most reliable centres for taking this annual test. The reason for that, apart from our quick and affordable MOT package, is we repair everything that has the potential to hamper your chances of clearing the test.

Even the smallest of elements may lead to your failure with an MOT in Scampston. A small dent on a tyre here, a little pool of leaking oil there, these can be potentially dangerous, just how an MOT will treat them.

So, if you notice any problems in your car, you can drive down to our workshop. Our technicians are experts in detecting the source of trouble and fixing it quickly.

The next time you are having any difficulty with your car, remember that we are just a phone call away.