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According to recent studies, an average car owner in the U.K. spends around about £3,500 on his/her vehicle annually. It makes Britain one of the costliest places in the world to maintain and keep a car. However, fuel costs take up most of that amount, and the rest is spent on servicing and repairs.

The primary reason as to why such a lump sum of money is spent on vehicles is that the majority of garages in England are incredibly costly. Moreover, the service that these garages provide is often unsatisfactory as well. This is what results in repeated breakdowns of vehicles even after servicing.

However, car owners of Pickering and Snainton can have peace of mind knowing that they now have ADD Tyres to rely on. Our workshop offers quality servicing at reasonable prices. We have a team of in-house experts and technicians who give their 100% in providing solutions and providing assistance with your car.

Tyres in our garage:

We take pride in keeping a host of quality tyres Snainton catering to various specifications and customer requirements. Hence, car owners in and around Snainton requiring a new pair of tyres can visit ADD Tyres to buy one.

Our workshop stocks a variety of seasonal tyres to cope with changing climate and weather conditions. We have a range of summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. The all season variant is one of the popular tyres among our customers due to its versatility.

We are equally diverse in the tyre brands we stock in our garage. Few of the tyre brands that are in massive demand at our workshop are Pirelli, Continental, Nexen, Dunlop and Blacklion.

All these brands are unique and different from each other and have a distinct USP. They manufacture tyres for all sorts of vehicles, weather and road conditions. Hence, if you are looking for a new set of tyres in Snainton, make sure check our vast collection first.

Services you get:

The primary reason as to why we give importance on having perfect tyres is for passing the MOT Snainton. If the tyres are not in excellent condition, the vehicle will not pass the test. There are, however, a lot of other things that an MOT test checks in a car before clearing it as roadworthy. That is why we have a top-notch service centre to help keep your vehicle in the perfect condition for the annual MOT in Snainton, which you can take at our facility.

Moreover, we provide a ton of other services as well such as wheel alignment and balancing, brake and clutch repairs, engine diagnostics, etc. You can always drop by at our garage if you find the need for professional help with your car. We will do our best to be of  service to you.