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An average Briton spends around £3,500 on their cars every year, making Britain the most expensive place on the planet to own a car. Of that, fuel takes up close to £2,200. The rest is on services and spares, more than a £1,000.

The reason that so much money is spent on car services is that most garages in the UK are on the expensive side of things and the quality of their services does not guarantee sustainability. This translates into repeated breakdowns even after service.

However, people in Stape and Pickering can heave a sigh of relief as they have ADD Tyres to count on. Our garage is known as much for its quality of service as for its affordability. We have gathered a dedicated squad of mechanics who provide quick, effective and accurate solutions to all your car-related problems.

Our range of tyres

Our USP, however, is our inventory of tyres. Car owners are often spread thin on options when they wish to install a set of new tyres Stape.

They can now visit ADD Tyres in Pickering where we stock a comprehensive range of tyres from all well-known brands.

Seasonal tyres take up most of our shelf space as they are the ones that most of our patrons demand. In adherence to that, we have stocked seasonal tyres of all variants:

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres (both studded and stud-less)
  • All-season tyres

The brands we house are equally diverse. From the big multinationals to smaller local brands, you’ll find something in every category. Some of the brands that sell exceptionally at our facility include:

  1. Pirelli
  2. Dunlop
  3. Continental
  4. Blacklion
  5. Nexen

These brands are versatile in their approach and practical in their utility. They make tyres for all types of cars and all road or weather conditions. The next time you are on a lookout for new tyres in Stape, be sure to check out their collection at our workshop.

Other services at ADD Tyres

The reason that we emphasise on maintaining a proper set of tyres on your car is that it won’t pass its MOT Stape if the tyres aren’t in perfect condition. There are a host of other things that constitute an MOT test.

Incidentally, we are also an authorised centre for MOT in Stape. Thousands of people in Staple and Pickering take their MOT test at our facility because we are one of the most reli