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For all its beauty and serenity, the county of North Yorkshire is painfully short of professional auto garages. There are a few scattered all over the place, but their service leaves a lot to be desired.

We have successfully filled that void, at least in Pickering and its surrounding places like Cropton, Thorton-le-Dale, Rillington and Brawby among others. ADD Tyres provides a comprehensive range of car repair and replacement services. We are also the leading retailers of stock tyres. In effect, we are well-equipped to handle all the issues pertaining to your car.

Tyres at our workshop

Tyres are, and have always been, our primary area of expertise. An average car tyres Thorton Dale has a lifespan of 3-5 years. If you are a prodigious but careful driver, it may last an additional year or two. What after that? Surely, you will need a new set of tyres, and we are here to provide that.

The tyres that we have at our workshop are all appropriately EU tyre labelled, guaranteeing both their originality and performance. These tyres come in all variants namely summer, winter and all-season. Depending upon various factors such as the climate, road conditions and your daily usage of the car, you can choose one among them.

Elaborating further on the different types of tyres in Thorton Dale, summer tyres are made for driving in warmer climatic conditions. These tyres are sturdy in their build and have shallow grooves, ideal for regular driving during summer when there is occasional rainfall. Winter tyres, on the other hand, have a relatively softer rubber compound, allowing the extra grip required on snowy roads. They have deeper grooves for the same reasons. All-season tyres are a convenient mixture of the two. These tyres perform well under most weather conditions, as long as it’s not too harsh.

Every brand, be it Pirelli, Continental, Nexen or Blacklion, makes tyres in all the three segments and you’ll get all of them at our workshop.

Services at our workshop

If you are looking for other services for your car, we can be of assistance in that as well. We have a squad of highly-skilled technicians who are well-versed with the ins and outs of a vehicle and apply their considerable expertise in troubleshooting any issues our clients might face with their car’s suspension, engine, brakes, clutch, AC or any other part. The proper functioning of all these components is necessary if you hope to pass your MOT Thorton Dale.

It brings us to the final aspect of our service- MOT. We are authorised to conduct this annual test on vehicles of all kinds. So, if your MOT certificate is about to expire and you are wondering where to take your car for the next one, ring us up. We’ll fix an appointment for your MOT in Thorton Dale right away.