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Car maintenance can be just as expensive over the long run as buying a car. It is vital for the owner to provide routine service of multiple components. This requires professional expertise. At ADD tyres, we have experts who will assist you through every single pointer about your car to guarantee optimal safety and performance.

As they are used regulary, they tend to break down after a period. Thus, reliable car service centres are essential to get that car back into its fully optimal functioning. This is where ADD Tyres come into play offering reliability and quick servicing all at affordable prices.

One the primary reasons as to why vehicle owners look for service centres are tyres. Tyres are the only contact medium between the car and the roads. Hence, due to daily usage, the tyres wear out after a while.  

If you find that the tyres on the vehicle are all worn out, you might want to replace them immediately. A worn out or damaged tyre is not only a safety concern for the driver and passengers but also may result in the failing of the MOT Yedingham.

This is exactly why we stock a range of tyres in our garage that you can buy from. Every car and every car has different needs and requirements. Hence, we keep a different tyres Yedingham catering to your specifications.

  • Tyres we have:

We have a variety of seasonal tyres, to better cope with the ever-changing climate. There are all-season tyres for those who do not want to change their tyres after every season. We also, have a variety of performance tyres in Yedingham for racers and sports enthusiasts alike.

Thus, no matter what the requirement is, you will always find the type of tyre you want in our garage. The best thing about our collection of tyres is that we keep tyres by various brands.

Every brand is different and unique and so are their characteristics and benefits. So, we thought of keeping different brands and let the customer choose according to their preference. We have almost all the major brands that a consumer can choose from such as Pirelli, Nexen, Continental and Dunlop.

  • Services we provide:

We may be famous for the tyres that we offer, but we do not fall behind in servicing cars as well. As we have said before, cars need regular checks and servicing to prevent a breakdown and keep the vehicle in perfect condition. This is where our garage comes into the picture. We provide quality service and do necessary repairs and replacements.

Some of the car parts that we repair and replace are exhaust, clutch, brakes, battery, suspension, air condition and wheels. However, if you require services of other parts, we do that too; give us a call and drop down to our garage.

Finally, we are one of the largest MOT service centres in Yedingham. We perform the MOT exam according to British Motors guidelines and more importantly we offer that at reasonable prices. So if your annual MOT in Yedingham exam is coming up, you can even get your car checked by us to ensure that you pass the test.